The Steward Society

The Steward Society: Newport Chapter

Bad Moon Rising:

Session 4: Dead Zombie Storage

Dec 2nd

“Did you see a sign out in front of my library that said “Dead Zombie Storage”?”

Today’s Top Story: Marble House Destroyed!

The following members of the Steward Society woke up to the above article from the Newport Mercury:

Edlin “Ed” Nordass- Rory.

Nora Alice Hastings- Liz.

Manuel Drake- Judd.

Sir Gideon ‘The Judge’ Hammerstein- Dave S.

Edward Sidney Grauman- Dave H.

Caspar Whiteside- Greg.

The Scooby gang finds themselves in the basement of the Newport Library with a German zombie. Sir Gideon searches through the papers for accounts of missing people. He discovers that reported cases have risen dramatically in the past two years, significantly so in the last 6 months. 35 people have vanished from Newport in the last two years, with 20 of them in the last 6 months. There are no apparent coincidences between the victims with the exception that all of them have vanished somewhere along Bellevue Avenue. The largest concentration being near De La Salle Academy and a park. The zombie doesn’t seem to look like anyone in the newspaper photographs. Sir Gideon takes the articles of the latest missing persons reports and puts them in your pocket.

Nora looks over the pictures, particularly at the portal picture and sees nothing familiar. She has drawn a picture of the creature she saw in the portal in Alva’s parlor.

The next morning, the group reads the report of the Marble House’s explosion in the Newport Mercury. The group decides to split up and search for information at the hospital, De La Salle Academy, and research in the library.

Edward and Caspar make their way to De La Salle Academy, a prestigious K-8 school. Posing as a reporter, Edward asks to speak with the headmaster. After being invited into the head master’s office, Edward informs the head master that he works for a new national newspaper called the Cthulu times, specializing in the arcane.

They have a discussion of the odd events around Newport. He says that the three vanishings around the academy are unrelated and none of the people knew each other. One parent disappeared after fighting with a spouse. Another parent has known mental issues and was said to be taking incorrect medication. The third was waiting for a cab and was reportedly very intoxicated after wondering over from the docks. The headmaster insists that they are all unconnected events, highly coincidental and unrelated to the occult.

The headmaster persuades Edward that he has more useful information to give, but he insists that they meet later that night at 9pm by Pier 22. Edward is told to come alone and unarmed to the meeting.

On the way to the hospital, Sir Gideon notices the police writing down the plate of his car. He pulls over to talk with them and tells them he is on the way to the hospital. They tell him to stay there and wait for them to arrive. Upon reaching the hospital, Manuel makes his way to the emergency room to get his injuries examined. He explains that he sustained the injuries in a bar fight and a nurse comments that the docks are becoming a rougher and rougher place. They see to his injuries and highly encourage him to get an influenza vaccine, newly created by Dr. Bekosky. Manuel is told that Good Will will provide the funds and that he can try to talk directly to the doctor if he likes. However, he is told that the doctor is secretive, but has a lab in town. The Good Will is holding a fishing tourney fundraiser at Lilly Pond this coming weekend. Manuel then leave the hospital to wait for Sir Gideon and Nora by the car.

Sir Gideon and Nora try to find out where the professor is. Nora attempts to enter are rebuffed while Sir Gideon is shown to the critical care unit after insisting that he keep his weapon that he carries due to the fact that he is British. Upon entering the critical care unit, he is told that the professor sustained severe head injuries. After the doctor leave, Sir Gideon realizes that the professor is, in fact, not badly injured and his dressings are faked. Sir Gideon searches the area and when he turns around, he sees an elderly women with a quasi-futuristic rifle. She says hello, and then fires the rifle directly at Sir Gideon, hitting him in the chest and knocking him back.

Downstairs, Nora hears an electrical sound, not unlike the sound that emanated from the portal at the Marble House. She realizes something is wrong and hurriedly goes searching for Sir Gideon.

Meanwhile, back at the Library, Ed is researching the eye-less, leg-less puppy he saw at the Marble House and tries to enhance his photos. He also takes samples from the zombie and tries to glean information from them. However, he is not an adept chemist and finds nothing useful.

McCoy says he is going to go check out the professor’s sailboat. Ed follows and realizes that McCoy does exactly what he says he was going to do. Ed looks over McCoy car, realizing that it is a nasty sty. He then returns to the Library….

Session 3: When Historic Landmarks Explode in the Night

Nov 25th

Members of the Steward Society continue their investigation at the Marble House in Newport, RI:

Edlin “Ed” Nordass- Rory.

Nora Alice Hastings- Liz.

Manuel Drake- Judd.

Sir Gideon ‘The Judge’ Hammerstein- Dave S.

Igor Waterwalker- Ryan.

The police came roaring up the drive to the Marble House as Manuel had a dead body slung over his shoulder and Sir Gideon slammed and bolted the ornate front doors as Igor turned the lights on. Nora and Ed were elsewhere in the house, about to explore the second story.

Caspar and Sid “The Seed” had run out into the night, away from the house while Caspar spied a dead body in the house while examining the draperies.

Nora and Ed found their way onto a landing, Nora’s shoes missing from her feet. Ed spies a person on the balcony above and tries to stay back from the menacing figure and the even more menacing firearm he was stationed behind. They enter what used to be Alva’s parlor to find a strange sight. The room appeared to have been burned, the light fixtures melted, the drapes replaced, an oddly boarded up circle of energy on the wall and a small movie projector-like box in the middle of the room. The small box was not a camera, but it did have a lens and a strange gas-like tank. Neither Nora nor Ed were able to recognize the contraption.

Manuel, Sir Gideon and Igor survey the developing situation on the main floor. Manuel throws down the dead body, producing his firearm. Sir Gideon looks over the nearby room. It has a fireplace, chairs, and a desk which all appear to be regular furniture. Everything else in the room is gilded. He turns on the light as a booming knock sounds on the front door. “Open up! Police!” Sir Gideon decides to survey the desk, but finds nothing of note.

Meanwhile, Manuel tried to take care of the trench coated issue by firing into the ceiling. He fails to actually hit anything. The police become more insistent, letting the occupants know that they are coming in.

Sir Gideon yells “Help! We’re being held hostage by bloody bootleggers!”

Igor peers out the front window, surveying the situation as Sir Gideon turns to search the fireplace and Manuel puts two more useless shots into the ceiling of the mansion, yelling “You won’t get lucky forever punk!” Sir Gideon notices that the flew and fire poker are missing, while the stand is still present. He kicks over the stand and decides to search the chairs next. The police outside can be heard radioing for backup, exclaiming “Sounds like we have a bootlegger problem in here!”

Igor moves away from the gun toting maniac and notices that the hardwood floors around him are soaked in gasoline. He takes off towards the back door yelling “Run!! She’s soaked in gasoline!!”

Just then, Sir Gideon notices a letter in one of the chairs and snags it before following Igor out the door.

Previous to Igor’s epiphany, Nora and Ed hear the yelling and banging. Ed goes about the damaged room, snapping photographs. Nora looks closer at the portal, and a strange look crosses her face as she ponders what she sees. Ed reaches the window and peers out. “Dammit!! I knew it!! Hoover!!” He then opens the window and attempts to crawl out, slipping but managing to catch himself on the wall but injuring his ankle. Nora back away from the portal and out of the room, seeing Manuel running up the stairs.

Manuel suddenly sees lit dynamite on his way up the stairs, and his instincts kick in to avoid the impending doom. He tries to jump out the nearby window and injures himself as he smashes through the window. He is left with a huge welt on his head, but he’s alive.

Igor and Sir Gideon quickly flee the mansion as they see Judd exit through the upper window. Ed hears yelling and smashing and nosily tries to sneak off towards the back of the house. Nora realizes that something VERY bad is about to happen as Judd goes out the window and Sir Gideon runs out of the house. She leaps out of the window just as the middle section of the Marble House explodes into a huge fireball, waving at the portal on her way out.

Sir Gideon spies a man in a trench coat fleeing the mansion and yells to the police to warn them of the escaping bootlegger. They buy it and begin pursuit. Manuel finds himself in the tea house and notices that one of the bodies is moving. He pulls the body from the pile and throws it over his shoulder. The party decides it is in their best interest to vacate the property, taking the injured man with them. Ed announces “This is all a set up. This is all Hoover’s doing. No one can ever know we were here.”

On the way to the library basement, the group comes across a cigar smoking stranger who insists that the professor sent him. He introduces himself as Derek McCoy. The group takes him to the basement and interrogates him. He tells them that he met the professor’s mistress, Professor Young, first. He’s been looking for the professor and ended up coming to the library.

Sir Gideon looks over the letter from the mansion. The professor wrote it to Alva about 3 months ago.

I enjoyed out last visit. No sure why you won’t let me over anymore. I hope it’s not because of what London/Mr. Knuckles had to say. I hope we can talk soon.

Meanwhile, the injured man continues to babble in incomprehensible German. Sir Gideon tries to stabilize the wounds and notices that while the man appears to be alive, he is devoid of a heartbeat. He pulls his gun and shoots the man between the eyes and in the chest, but doesn’t manage to kill him. He assumes he is a zombie and says that they need to get the “man” to the professor. They tie it up and gag it.

Ed has finished processing his photos from Alva’s parlor and looks them over. The group discusses recent disappearances and realizes they may be connected to the disappearance of the professor.

Session 2: That’s Probably not a Puppy

Nov 18th

Several members of the Steward Society had made their way into the Marble House in Newport, RI:

Edlin “Ed” Nordass- Rory.

Nora Alice Hastings- Liz.

Manuel Drake- Judd.

Sir Gideon ‘The Judge’ Hammerstein- Dave S.

Edward Sidney Grauman- Dave H.

Igor Waterwalker- Ryan.

Caspar Whiteside- Greg.

Sid “The Seed” O’Calister- Scott.

(Put Session 2 Text here)

Session 1: Alva Rockefeller

Nov 11th

Several members of the Steward Society meet at the Broken Handle tavern in Newport, RI:

Edlin “Ed” Nordass- Rory.

Nora Alice Hastings- Liz.

Manuel Drake- Judd.

Sir Gideon ‘The Judge’ Hammerstein- Dave S.

Edward Sidney Grauman- Dave H.

Igor Waterwalker- Ryan.

Caspar Whiteside- Greg.

Sid “The Seed” O’Calister- Scott.

They realize that there is no Alva Rockefeller in Newport, but Nora notes that there is an Alva Vanderbilt, who owns the Marble House. The group agrees to proceed to the Marble House and take two cars. Igor notices that they are being followed and Edward pulls over the car so Igor can get out and confront their shadow. As he approaches the other car with two people inside, they back up and pull away. Igor hops back in the car and Edward leaves in hot pursuit. Needing to improve his driving skills, Edward has to slam on the breaks to avoid hitting a parked car, which allows the other car to speed away into the night. They turn the car around and proceed to the Marble House.

Meanwhile, Sir Gideon pulls his car up to the Marble House. The gate is closed and two guards are oddly posted on the outside. Nora recognizes one of the guards, Gary, and tries to get information from him. In the conversation and they find out that something very strange happened last night and the guard urges them to move along, telling the group that they need to protect themselves from Alva more than anyone else. The guard agrees to let them inside.

During the conversation, Ed ponders a piece of information he received from one of his informants about a bar brawl down near the docks. One of the guys was yelling in German while another responded to him by saying “Oh year? We’ll do to you what we did to those other guys last night.” Ed ponders this information and chooses to keep silent about it for the time being.

The three see another guard posted at the ornate front door. Manuel approaches the guard while Nora veers off towards the servant entrance to the left. Ed stays in the middle to watch both. Manuel has an exchange with the guard that involves dialog along the lines of “shit hitting the fan” and that Alva calls Manuel when things get ugly. When the guard turns to open the door, Manuel tried to pistol whip him but only succeeds in knocking the guard into the door. The guard cryptically tells him “You don’t got much longer in this world, buddy.” Manuel walks inside. Not far away, Nora makes her way to the entrance and notices that the ice room is oddly completely empty except for some water on the floor. She opens the unlocked door to the room.

Sir Gideon meets up with the occupants of the other car and they decide to take a more inconspicuous route onto the Marble House grounds via the Cliff Walk. Sid and Caspar wait on the walk while Edward, Igor and Sir Gideon all make a hell of a ruckus while “sneaking” to check out the Asian Tea House. As the trio enter the building, they see a pile of 3 hideously mutilated bodies. They are stacked on top of one another, wearing German trench coats. The skies open and it begins to downpour……


An Invitation


Previously, you agreed to offer your assistance to the Steward Society if and when the situation should arise. That day is today.

On October 31 “events” transpired at the home of Alva Rockefellar that compell me to request your special skill set. I dare not describe the events of that night in writing, but they are of the sort mentioned in past discussions.

Ms. Rockafellar has graciously offered to let us meet in her kitchen this coming Tuesday. Please meet me outside the servant’s entrance at 7 PM (GST).

If you have items that you consider to be essential to your self-defense, then please bring them along (descreetly).

Wishing you well,

Professor Felix Von Rosenbauer November 2, 1921


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