Igor Waterwalker



Characteristics and Rolls

STR 8 DEX 15 INT 15
CON 10 APP 12 POW 15
SIZ 9 SAN 75 EDU 18
Damage Bonus 0
Sanity 75
Hit Points 9

Occupation: Russian revolution exile.

Age: 36.

Education: Private tutors.

Birthplace: St. Petersburg, Russia.

Mental Disorders: no known.

Weapon %Total Damage Hnd Range #Att HP
Fist 50 1d3(+1d4) 1 touch 1 n/a
Grapple 25 Special 2 touch 1 n/a
Head 10 1d4(+1d4) 0 touch 1 n/a
Kick 25 1d6(+1d4) 0 touch 1 n/a

Weapon Base Points %Total Damage Malf. Range #Att Shots HP
-Black Jack 25 25 50 1d8(+1d4) NA touch 1 NA 4
-Handgun-32Revolver 20 30 50 1d8 * 15y 1 1 10


Skill Base Points Total
Listen 25 - 25
Locksmith 1 - 1
Martial Arts 1 - 1
Mech. Repair 20 - 20
Medicine 5 - 5
Natural History 10 - 10
-Navigate 10 65 75
Occult 5 - 5
Operate Heavy Machinery 1 - 1
-Foreign Language-English 1 45 46
Native Language-Russian 90 - 90
Persuade 15 - 15
Pharmacy 1 - 1
Photography 10 - 10
Physics 1 - 1
Pilot 1 - 1
Psychoanalysis 1 - 1
Psychology 5 - 5
Ride 5 - 5
Sneak 10 - 10
Spot Hidden 25 - 25
Swim 25 - 25
Throw 25 - 25
Track 10 - 10
Skill Base Points Total
Accounting 1 - 1
Anthropology 10 - 10
Archaeology 1 - 1
Art 5 - 5
Astronomy 1 - 1
Bargain 5 - 5
Biology 1 - 1
Chemistry 1 - 1
Climb 40 - 40
Conceal 15 - 15
Craft 5 - 5
Credit Rating 15 - 15
Cthulhu Mythos 0 - 0
Disguise 1 - 1
Dodge 0 - 0
Drive Auto 20 - 20
Electric Repair 10 - 10
Fast Talk 5 - 5
First Aid 30 - 30
Geology 1 - 1
Hide 10 - 10
History 20 - 20
Jump 25 - 25
Law 5 - 5
Library Use 25 - 25

-indicates Occupational Skill


Mythos Tomes Artifacts/Spells Entities Encountered
none none none
Income & Savings
Income $1,000
Cash $300
Savings $2,000
Personal Property none
Real Estate none

Gear & Possessions.


Ezra Weinberger, (alias) Igor Waterwalker, was born the only child to Mr. & Mrs. Dr. Joel Weinberger in 1895; while aboard the Russian hospital ship OREL. Dr. Joel Weinberger was one of the finest physicians of his time, rising to the pinnacle of his abilities during WWI. So good in fact, Joel was primary medical doctor for the Russian Czar Alexander III. The Weinberger family seemingly only had one dark cloud over their family…they were of Jewish decent; and living in Russia during this increasingly growing anti-Semitic time they knew they were living on borrowed time. Suppressing the practice of their faith Dr. Joel and his wife took every opportunity to expose Ezra to finest in culture and education.

Being exiled with his parent on the OREL had its advantages, Ezra can communicate in 4 languages, while being proficient in 3; Russian, English, and Hebrew (the last of which he does not speak openly). He has traveled extensively over the world witnessing the finest every culture has to offer. Most of Ezra’s formal education was administered by his mother. He was a mental sponge for everything his parents exposed him to. In fact, it did appear that most things came easy for Ezra.

In 1912, when Ezra was just 17, his parents and he orchestrated an accidental drowning. The staged death now left Igor Waterwalker to piece together a life from the ashes of Ezra Weinberger. Freed from his name, Igor’s intelligence was quickly apparent and within a year, as Russia entered WWI, he was appointed to the diplomatic group for the Russian Ambassador. Primarily, Igor acted as a translator between Russian and British naval interests. Of particular interest to Igor, was a joint meeting in December of 1916 with the United States of America, between key cabinet members for the Secretary of the Navy and the now floundering Russian Navy of Czar Nicholas II. Booth interests were one of cooperation to aid in breaking the powerful German Navy who was wreaking havoc across the Atlantic with their submarines. En-route back to Russia, in February 1917, it was learned that the Bolshevik Revolution had overthrown the existing government; concluding in the formation of the USSR being led by Vladimir Lenin. Igor new his affiliation with the past monarch, however small, would have been a certain death. God forbid anyone discover his Jewish heritage.

Igor new the safest place for him was to remain at the docks. And there he literally stayed for the next three years, picking up odd jobs as a dock laborer. He fixed fishing nets, loaded and unloaded heavy shipments, slept in taverns while pretending to patronage. Planning to sneak a passage on a ship destined west to America; Igor waited and waited knowing full well that police and patrol boats were stopping most boats in the straights and bays to look for and kill anyone fleeing for political asylum. Finally, after three and a half years of waiting and watching; Igor took his chance. While helping to load heavy crates of wool and barrels of whale oil onto the SS China, Igor noticed there were still crates of silken materials on the ships hold. Figuring America was one of such countries that could afford such luxuries, he gambled that he could stay hidden on this old tired ship long enough to make landfall in the United States. Acting quickly he slipped below deck and hid amongst the vast trade merchandise. Several weeks later after toiling and existing on the SS China, true to faith, the ship came to port in a small bustling port. As Igor slipped away from the ship, as swiftly as he’d slid in, he thought to himself…”How great to be in the land of milk and honey.”

Igor Waterwalker

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