Encountered by the Entire Group at Library – Session 3 Nov 25th.

The Judge first met McCoy while parking his car at Ed’s apartment after unloading the Mangled German Zombie at the Library. McCoy claims to be an acquaintance of The Professor and was sent to pick him up at Alva’s on the evening it blew up. McCoy was given instruction by The Professor to contact the group at Ed’s apartment if things went poorly at the Marble House. Since the Marble House blew up, it appears as though things have gone poorly.


McCoy claims to be a bartender down in the docks. He met The Professor through their mutual acquaintance Ella Young. McCoy got to know Ella when she would come down to the docks for a few drinks. Eventually, she started showing up with The Professor.

McCoy has picked up The Professor here and there on occasion and in turn The Professor has done a few favors for McCoy. After telling The Professor and Ella about a strange occurrence McCoy had before the war, The Professor started asking McCoy to come to Society meetings. McCoy never came to any of the meetings, but he does seem to know The Professor.


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